November 2008

j adler

chilly days make me pine for a plush velvet couch…

j adlerbut this sleek settee is just the right proportion for my cramped quarters. also available in a cheery melon fabric which gives it a more relaxed feel.

garance-dore-illustrationgarance dore’s sketches are unmatched — simple, alluring, & feminine.  her blog and photography are equally interesting — hone your french, or just enjoy the eye candy.

knot necklacealthough the gold version is my metal of choice, this necklace tops my holiday wish list.  a perfect everyday chain with a hint of charm.

mary preston earringsthe perfect pair of earrings….

erie basin store shotin a refreshingly ‘frivole-free’ jewelry store…

jenna lyons' aptjenna lyons' apt jenna lyons' aptj. crew style maven, jenna lyons’ apartment has just enough frivole to suit my taste.  the chalkboard paint is genius.

gs lillianlove this great ‘conversation piece’ necklace for holiday parties…

black leather paired with pearls elevates this from what could be a prim look, to the realm of chic.

by natalia brilli